Keystone Junior Rodeo Association

Our 2018 Rodeo Entry and Call out Procedure will be as follows

To enter your first Rodeo of the year, you must enter below.  To see what events you may enter your child(ren) for, please view our “ Rodeo Events” page.  You must enter your child(ren) for each day, (Saturday & Sunday)  A separate entry is REQUIRED for each additional child you enter.  On the “Rodeo Entry” page, MAKE SURE you are entering your child into the correct Age Group for Boys or Girls.  Place a check mark in the box(s) you wish to enter your child(ren) for.  The entry fees are listed beside of the event.  DOUBLE CHECK that all information is correct on the Entry Page, BEFORE you press “SUBMIT”.  You will be REQUIRED to pay for your child(ren)’s entry fees to the Rodeo Secretary on Saturday morning at check in.  The entry deadline for ALL Rodeos is MIDNIGHT FRIDAY, ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE RODEO WEEKEND you are entering.  After entries close, contestants may add additional events only at check in the day of the Rodeo; however, a $25 Late Fee will be assessed.


To enter subsequent Rodeo’s, you DO NOT have to enter online.  The entry template created by the Assistant Secretary will be used for subsequent Rodeos.  Your child(ren) will be automatically entered for the same events they competed in at the previous Rodeo.  If you wish to ADD OR DELETE event(s) or CALL OUT of the next Rodeo, you MUST E-Mail the Assistant Rodeo Secretary at by the 1 week deadline (see above).  If at any point in the season you “Call out” of a Rodeo, you MUST re-enter online and BEFORE the entry deadline for the next Rodeo in which you plan to compete.  You will not be automatically entered as you would have been removed from the entry template. If a call out is received less than one (1) week prior to the Rodeo, the contestant IS RESPONSIBLE to pay any entry fees that result from the call out before the contestant can compete again, unless a Vet or Physician Certification is received.  THESE RULES WILL BE IN FORCED.


As per our 2018 Rule Book, Pg. 5, (G).  “All entries need to cancel one week in advance to receive entry fee refund, less than one week WILL REQUIRE a vet or physician certification


Attention, We will be offering an open "Trial Membership" for the October 13th and 14th Rodeos.  Please see the "Trial Membership" tab for more information.    Thank you.

Entries for this Rodeo will close on 7/20/2018 at midnight

Saturday July 28th entry form


Sunday July 29th entry form