Banquet Information

Our Annual Awards Banquet is tentatively scheduled for March 20th or 21st.

With the current "Covid-19" era we are forced to accustom to, planning for indoor events continues to be a challenge for organizations like us.  Our normal "Business as usual" attitude cannot be adopted in an indoor setting the same as we do when hosting our outdoor Rodeos.  The Board of Directors is in full agreement that the youth of our Organization has worked hard last year and need to be spotlighted and presented the awards they have earned throughout the summer.  The challenge presented to us is that we find ourselves limited in our ability to plan a "normal" everyone is welcome to enjoy a meal and watch the awards presentation.  Facility availability and restrictions on the number of attendees have forced us to create 3 options for our Banquet but we need your help to decide which way we must proceed. 


Our first priority and Option #1 is we would like to have our traditional Banquet on a Saturday evening where everyone is invited to enjoy a meal and watch our awards presentation. However, the total number of attendees may not allow this option.

Option #2 would be to have our traditional Banquet on a Saturday evening, limited to only contestants, siblings and Parents / Guardians

Option #3 would be to only have a awards presentation ONLY, limited to only contestants, siblings and Parents / Guardians

Please use the link below to help us gather the numbers needed for each option.  If you are NOT planning to attend the banquet, please DO NOT complete the survey.


Click Here to complete the survey



Please understand the option we ultimately go with will be based on your input and current restriction imposed on us by facility availability.  Please complete the following survey to help us in making this important decision for our youth.  Our final decision and planning will be made shortly and we will update you ASAP.

Don't forget to download and print your 2021 Membership Application by clicking "HERE

Complete your Application and turn it in to the Rodeo Secretary the night of the banquet.