Keystone Junior Rodeo Association

Team Roping Info

As per our 2017 Rule Book change this year, (Page 27, W.) in summary - ANY Contestant who wishes to sign up for and compete in Team Roping, (as a header, heeler or as a true team) MUST meet one of the following conditions: 1. Have competed in Team Roping in the past, 2. Have attended a KJRA approved Team Roping Clinic, or 3. Be exempted by the KJRA Board or a member of the board upon proof of competency.


If you have competed in Team Roping in the past at KJRA, you are exempted automatically.  If you are a new member of KJRA, or have been a member in the past but have not competed in Team Roping and would like to compete, you will have to either show proof of competency (Have had a prior clinic or instruction), or attend a KJRA approved Team Roping Clinic.


If you are a new member or new contestant in Team Roping, please contact us ASAP.  KJRA will host a basic Team Roping Clinic either Friday night (5/12/17) or Saturday morning of the Rodeo for anyone who needs the basic safety fundamentals of Team Roping.  This will not be a advanced clinic, but rather emphasize on safety alone.  Please email or phone 570-765-2055 ASAP if you are in need a clinic before our Saturday Rodeo begins.