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Thank you for your interest in the Keystone Junior Rodeo Association.  This page contains allot of information that we hope should answer any questions you have about our Association.  

All communication from KJRA to our Members is done through E-Mail and Facebook posts.  Please Subscribe to our website on our "Home Page" to receive any email updates we send out and please like and follow our Facebook page @pakjra or Keystone Junior Rodeo Association (KJRA)

Proof of Rabies AND Coggins must be handed in by FIRST rodeo (April 27, 2024).

In order to compete with us, you must complete and pay for a yearly Membership.  The Membership Application can be found on our "How to Join" page.  Contestants will not be able to compete without a Membership Application on file.  Please note, Applications MUST be Notarized and for new members, a copy of your child's Birth Certificate is also needed.  Completed Applications can be mailed to our Rodeo Secretary at any time before our season begins.  Instructions on where to send your completed Application can be found within the Application itself.  If you are joining with us after the start of our season, you can bring your Completed Application and Payment with you and give it to the Rodeo Secretary at Check In on the day of the Rodeo.

We have four age groups and each one is divided into boy's and girl's section for a total of eight groups. The Contestants age group is determined by the age of the contestant as of January 1st, 2023.  The age groups include 6 and under, 7-10, 11-14, and 15-18 years old.  The events offered for the above can be found on our "Rodeo Events" page.  A contestant may move up one age group to compete in an event not offered in his or her age group. Any points accumulated in that event will not count toward All Around points but the contestant can earn points toward an award in that event.  Throughout our Rodeo Weekend, any contestants placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any event will be awarded monetary payback in that event.  Please see the Rodeo Treasurer at the completion of the event.

Our current Rodeo Dates / Times / Location can be found on our "Rodeo Schedule" page.  Although we have 6 scheduled weekends in our season, each day is considered it's own Rodeo, ie. Saturday is Rodeo #1 and Sunday would be Rodeo #2 and so on throughout the year for a total of 12 scheduled Rodeo's per season.  Contestants do not have to enter both days, you can enter just Saturday or just Sunday.  In order to qualify for year end awards, a contestant must compete in a minimum of 60% of the scheduled rodeos.


We do host a Sunday morning Cowboy Church Service which begins at 8 am. 

To sign up for a rodeo, ALL contestants MUST use our "Online Entry" page to enter.  Entries for a Rodeo Weekend must be made for Saturday and / or Sunday.  Very Specific Instructions can be found within the Online Entry page.  Entries usually open 3 weeks prior to the Rodeo Weekend and they WILL CLOSE 1 week prior to the Rodeo Weekend.  If you should miss the entry deadline a, you WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE WEEKEND.  Entry Fees are $12 per event and $14 for events involving livestock.  Entry fees MUST be paid to the Rodeo Treasurer at check in on Saturday morning with the Rodeo Secretary before the contestant can compete.  Parent / Guardian check in is mandatory and is where you will pay for your child's entry fees.  Entry fees MUST be paid in full before your child can compete for the weekend. Check in is located around the food stand and is usually open from 7:30 - 9 am.   Saturday and Sunday Rodeo's begin at 9 am with Grand Entry.  It is not required that a contestant participate in Grand Entry, however, Full Western Attire is required to participate.

Please download our current Rule Book for General and specific event rules on our "Rules and Regulations" page.

All our Rodeos will be held at the Benton Area Rodeo Grounds.  We Rodeo - RAIN or SHINE.  If rain is in the forecast for our Rodeo Weekend, plan on bringing rain wear and extra cloths.  We will pause the Rodeo for any "Thunder" storms but an all day rain won't stop us from competing.  KJRA does not own the grounds we Rodeo on.  In order to maintain a positive relationship, the membership of KJRA MUST follow ALL Ground Rules issued by the Benton Area Rodeo Association at all times.  You can arrive any time on Friday and camp out all weekend.  Port-a-pots and a hand wash station are available onsite.  There is no charge for parking or camping.  There are no water or sewer hookups available to us.  Further, stalls are not provided or available.  Feel free to tie horses to your trailer or set up portable fencing.  There is a horse wash station and a water hydrant available on the grounds to fill up buckets or portable tanks.  Unless a local restriction is imposed, campfires are permitted ONLY in an enclosed ring.  Please make sure to spread any ashes and pick up and take home any unburnt wood.  Trash Cans are provided around the bleacher area and food stand.  DO NOT bring trash from your campsite and put in those cans.  We are responsible to clean up around the grounds before we leave.  Please take all your camp trash with you.  Also be sure to spread out your hay and manure piles around your campsite before you leave.  The Rodeo Grounds does border an active airport.  DO NOT FOR ANY REASON drive, park or walk on the airstrip, which is delineated with white tires.  While we welcome your pets in addition to horses at our events, we ask that you do not bring pets into the arena or warm-up areas out of respect for our youth and our equine friends.  ALL Pets must remain on leash and are not permitted within the chain linked fence area. 


There is NO fee for Parking or Admission into the Rodeo for family and or spectators.

Please visit our "Order of Go" page and note that Sunday's order is in reverse order from Saturday.

Our biggest fundraiser throughout the year is our food stand.  We ask that at least 1 member of your family volunteer at least 30 minutes in the food stand each day.  There are sign up sheets at the food stand that you can pick a time that's most convenient for you.  All profits from the food stand are used for awards and prizes at our Annual Awards Banquet at the end of our Rodeo Season.

Please be proactive with your Online Entries and do not wait till the last day to sign up.  Entries are usually open for 2 weeks prior to a Rodeo Weekend.  Please be aware that our Rodeo Secretary is a volunteer position and there is a tremendous amount of work that is done after the Online Entries close in preparation for our Rodeo Weekend.  After the conclusion of the Rodeo Weekend, the Secretary has multiple checks for accuracy that need to be completed before the "Official Results and Points" are posted.  Please understand that this may take a few days to complete.

Again, this page was created in hopes to answer any questions you may have.  Please make sure to visit our "Rules and Regulations" page to download our current Official Rule Book as additional rules are posted that are not included on this page.  Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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